What makes a hotel luxurious? Emor Luxury looks for overall attention to aesthetic detail. Here are some of the non-negotiable:

Easy handling of the booking process

It is important to offer easy handling of the booking process. Starting from luxury customers to budgeted ones, everyone looks for a simple way to book their desired hotel rooms and accommodations. If it is possible then offer a customised version of the booking application targeting luxury travellers.

Check-in and check-out

Luxury travellers should have a separate line for them or a single attendant for their help. Nothing's more frustrating than waiting on a long check-in line. is important to settle them in their designated rooms within the 10 minutes of the arrival. There should be a digitises express checkout where you can quickly settle any discrepancies on your bill.

Get the Room You Want

It is always important to offer the same room provided during the booking time. Any luxury traveller would not settle down for any other rooms instead of the one chosen by them. It is plain and simple, all the specifications in the description of the room should be provided.

Activity area with extra amenities must be standard

Indoor and outdoor activity points, swimming pool, Spa service, fitness services are the amenities offered during the stay. Round-the-clock room service. A social lobby area away from the entrance where there is draft. The lobby must have comfortable couches, Wi-Fi and bar service. The hotel should offer laundry service, babysitting, pet-sitting, dog-walking, and personal trainer referrals. There must be a concierge who knows more than you can get from Google, and who does not push tourist traps onto guests.

Enlightened Service Features

Luxury hotel guests should expect hotel personnel who greet guests with at least a smile at every encounter. And they should greet you by name if there's no one else to overhear. Hotel housekeeping should be quiet, thorough, and dependable. A maid should never remove anything of yours, including empty shopping bags, ribbons and gift wrap, half-drunk water bottles, and wet shower caps. Nightly turndown service is essential.