Flying Private

Do you have a lunch meeting in Sandton? Dinner in Cape Town? And next day a meeting in London? It seems you need to buy a plane. Having a private jet will allow you to be a true jet-setter. Why would you be happy flying first class when it still means having to check in, standing in line and hanging out at boring, over-crowded airports? Buy a jet and you will have the world at your feet. You will arrive just a minute before taking off, and you will usually fly from smaller, less crowded private airports.


Car Hire

I share with you my passion for luxury travel, advise you on the best places to stay in the world, inspire you to travel your dreams in style, and give you tips for luxury travel on a budget.

Whether you want to hire a luxury saloon for a business meeting, convertible sports car for the summer or just something for that special occasion, Emor Luxury will guide you to the right dealers.

MMI Armoured Cars is currently the leader in the sale, armoured car rental and repurchase of Luxury Armoured Cars in South Africa. We are the only dealer based operation that holds immediately available Armoured Cars both for sale and rental.